The next generation premium spray inspired by innovative technology.



The new Aqua formula and a specially developed can produce unique results – with zero odours, short drying times and very easy processing on almost all surfaces. The a-system impresses with a tremendous colour yield: high-quality pigments guarantee excellent coverage – significantly less paint application is required than with conventional spray paints. The solid content that is responsible for the excellent yield is up to 100% higher than in standard sprays.

The perfect paint for your work of art: a-system is the solution for anyone looking for a top-performing product that meets the highest standards.

Looks like an ordinary can, but there is more to it that.


36 colours in 400 ml cans.

The a-system is easy to use and suitable for almost all surfaces. Excellent coverage, fine atomisation, smooth paint finish, fast drying, impressive colour brilliance and outstanding light fastness. Excellent filling capacity and good stability – suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Very low level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

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a-system broschure

Our brochure contains everything you need to know about the a-system: brilliant ideas, available paints, techniques as well as tips & tricks.

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The a-system has special properties, delivers an impressive performance and guarantees an optimum result.

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