A Real Beauty from Florence

For advanced users: Draw a portrait step by step! The new watercolour technique creates soft shades on any canvas – really simple with Marabu Art Spray! Experience “Mixed Media“! You can mix it!

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Marabu products you need...

…additionaly things you need

Plastic film to cover the work surface
Hair dryer to dry the paint
Pencil for drawing

How it is done:

  • Preparation:
    Cover the work surface with plastic film.
    Tip: Tip: Place paper underneath the canvas frame to ensure a stable working position.
  • Draw an oval shape face! 2 centre lines divide the face into 4 sections.
  • Now draw a half-moon shaped curve (in the lower left and right-hand sections). Finish the eyes to an almond shape. Place the nose below the eyes. Add the lips below the nose. Position the eyebrows above the eyes. Start the half-moon shaped iris at the top edge of the eye and draw the pupil. The ear starts at eyebrow level and ends at the level of the tip of the nose. Add hair as desired.
  • Spray the picture with water to achieve a watercolour effect. Spray the right-hand side of the picture with different shades of Marabu Art Spray. Dissolve the paint from the face with water and remove with a cloth. The more paint is removed, the brighter the face becomes.mso heller wirkt das Gesicht. Farbe trocken föhnen.
  • Cut a stencil from cardboard. Use it to cover the face and then position different stencils on the picture. Spray with Art Spray in different colours.
  • Remove the stencils and spray freehand. Leave the paint to dry briefly. Repeat the process with further colours and stencils.
  • Remove the cardboard covering the face. Use the Art Crayons to draw hair sections and eyes.
  • Use the Marabu Art Crayon in Black to fill in the pupils, leaving a light reflection point. Use the brown Art Crayon to outline the nose and mouth.
  • To create soft contours, dissolve the wax lines with water and trace the outline. Paint the eyelashes from the wet paint. Use the same process to add detail to the eyebrows and lips.
  • Also dissolve the wax lines of the hair with water and spread.
  • Cover the portrait to intensify the background. Place different stencil designs on the background again and spray with Marabu Art Spray.
  • Dilute Marabu Acryl Color in Cyan with plenty of water and paint on the lower section of the portrait.
  • Done!

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