Cushion with Marabu YONO Marker and Textil Aquarelle

Relax like a dream and simply escape the stress of everyday life. This is especially easy on the pretty, homemade cushion with our Textil Aquarelle and the YONO marker. A creative dream!

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light cotton cushion (max. 20 % synthetic fibre content)
Tips and Tricks

  • All watercolour fabric paint shades can be mixed with each other. It is best to mix in a separate container or on a plastic painting palette.
  • Lettering can also be printed out as a template. For light watercolour fabric paint shades, simply place the printout in the cushion. The black lettering shines through and can be easily copied with the YONO marker.

How it is done:

  • Before designing, wash the cushion without fabric softener to remove any finishes. Then dry and iron the cushion. Cover the work area well and prepare the materials.
  • Place the cushion on a smooth, non-absorbent surface (e.g. foil). Place an additional smooth, non-absorbent surface between the layers of fabric so that the paint does not bleed through to the reverse side. If necessary, secure the cushion with masking tape. Dampen the area on which the watercolour motif is to be painted well with the sponge. The wetter the fabric, the more the watercolour fabric paint will flow later.
  • Stir the watercolour fabric paint before use. Now paint the watercolour onto the damp fabric with the brush. The wetter the brush and the fabric, the better the paint flows and spreads. As long as the first colour application and the fabric are still wet, another colour can be applied. Both shades of colour will run into each other and soft colour gradients will form.
  • Once the cushion is decorated with the watercolour fabric paint, let everything dry well. Drying can also be shortened: place the still damp cushion flat on baking paper in the oven (8 min. at 150 °C). Caution: Check the heat resistance of the cushion beforehand and remove the smooth, non-absorbent backing between the layers of fabric.
  • Then shake the YONO markers with the cap closed for 60 seconds before first use. The mixing ball must be audible. Then slowly press the tip in several times on a piece of test paper until the ink becomes visible. When the ink flow is activated, the tip slowly fills up. When the tip is full of ink, write the marker on the test paper.
  • Now label the cushion as desired. Pump the markers occasionally for an even flow of paint. Finally, allow the paint to dry thoroughly.
  • Fix all the colours. Place the cushion again on baking paper in the oven (8 min./150 °C). Or iron from the front through a thin cloth: 5 min. (30 x 30 cm each) at cotton temperature without steam. After fusing, the cushion is washable from the left up to 40 °C.

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