Birthday card with Marabu Graphix Aqua Ink, Fineliner und Fixogum

A homemade birthday card comes from the heart and is much nicer than a purchased one. And you don’t even need much: paper, colours and some rubber gum for a great effect!

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How it is done:

  • Draw the outline of a circle in the middle of the watercolour card. Either a drawing compass or a round object (e.g. lid) can be used for this.
  • Paint the area of the circle with Fixogum rubber gum and let it dry. The rubber gum is used as a means of reservation, so that no paint gets into the circle.
  • After the rubber gum has dried, the card can be coloured with Graphix Aqua Ink. Let the ink dry well.
  • Next rub the Fixogum rubber gum with your finger.
  • Now the white circular area can be designed: draw the contours of the lettering with a pencil.
  • Finally design the lettering with the Graphix Fineliner.

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