Scrabble mural with crackle paint

These DIY letter tiles in vintage style, which have been created with effect paints from the Marabu Home & Decoration range, are perfect for children’s rooms. The paint acquires its shabby look from the ICELAND CRACKLE 2-component system, which lets the topmost layer of paint rupture and thereby creates the nostalgic cracked look. Combined with COLORADO GOLD, which shimmers discreetly but clearly through the cracks, the Scrabble letter tile becomes a real eye-catcher. Who would not want to drop in and play?

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How it is done:

    If the surface has been primed using another paint (e.g. Marabu Colorado Gold) this shows through the cracked areas after drying.
  • Apply the crackle medium with a brush and allow to dry for several hours.
  • Apply the crackle medium evenly with the palette knife.
  • For fine textures: Apply the paint thinly
  • For rough textures: Apply the paint thickly
  • The crackle effect develops as it dries. It takes several hours to dry; allow it to dry overnight ideally.
    Apply the stick-on letters and numbers

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