Marabu Glas starter set

4 x 15 ml



Immerse yourself in the magical world of stained glass - with the Marabu starter set glas.

Customize your personal table decoration with the high-gloss, transparent glass colours of Marabu today. Whether on a large surface or as a small splash of colour, the glass colours of Marabu make glass surfaces shine. And it's so easy: put the colour template behind the glass, paint the contour and then paint the motifs - done! Since the colours are dishwasher-safe, you are guaranteed to enjoy their jewelery for a long time. The starter set glas by Marabu is the ideal basic equipment for beginners. Here you have everything you need for your glass design, and you can start painting immediately: 4 brilliant Marabu glass colours of 15 ml (sunshine yellow, cherry, dark ultramarine, light green), Marabu relief paste 20 ml black for contour painting, a soft professional brush and a guide with many techniques, tips and tricks.

Contents: 4 x Glas 15 ml (Sunshine Yellow 220, Cherry 125, Dark Ultramarine 055, Light Green 062), 1 Relief-Paste 20 ml (Black 073), 1 x brush Marabu Universal round size 4, 1 x instructions

  • Bright, transparent colours
  • Good flow for even paint application
  • Dishwasher-safe without firing
  • Simply paint, leave to dry, done!
  • Water-based, odourless and light-fast
  • For glass, acrylic plastic, porcelain

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