Marabu KiDS Window Color set “Jungle”

6 x 25 ml




Windows allow views in and out - and with this Marabu KIDS Window Color Set, they become a canvas on which your favorite animals romp around. The set contains 6 x 25 ml Marabu KiDS Window Color (013 Orange, 046 Medium Brown, 067 Lime Green, 073 Outline Black, 090 Light Blue, 178 Grey), 1x pattern sheet DIN A3 with 16 animal motifs and 1x painting film DIN A4. The application is very easy - and if you want to change the motif on the window, the designs can be easily removed. The brilliant, translucent Marabu KiDS Window Color is a water-based removable window paint and can be applied to smooth surfaces such as glass, mirrors, tiles or film.

Contents: 6 x Window Color 25 ml (Orange 013, Medium brown 046, Rich green 067, Outline-black 073, Light blue 090, Grey 178), 1 x A3 pattern sheet with 16 images, 1 x painting film A4

  • Water-based
  • Peel-off, for smooth surfaces, for glass, mirrors, tiles and films
  • 6 x 25 ml Window Color
  • 1 painting pattern A3 with 16 animalic designs
  • 1x painting film A4

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