Marabu Stencil DIN A4

Small Hearts



Special stencilling effects on textiles, wood, canvases, paper and a whole lot more. Sharp outline stencil designs thanks to laser-cutting and extremely thin quality. PVC-free, hard-wearing, robust, and durable. Easy to clean with water, reusable, reversible, and can be repeated. For spraying, rolling, stippling and palette knife application of all Marabu textile, acrylic and spray paints.


Available in these variations

  • Extra thin stencils for clear contours
  • Wear-resistant, laser-cut Polyester, PVC-free
  • Robust, durable
  • Can be mirrored or repeated
  • Various applications on walls, furniture, textiles, etc.
  • Easy to clean, reusable
  • Guaranteed success

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