Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our time. As a paint manufacturer in the chemical industry, this is more than enough reason for us to consciously take on a leading role with regard to climate protection.

For example, we have analysed all of the CO2 emissions at our Tamm and Bietigheim sites within the scope of an extensive sustainability strategy and had ClimatePartner determine our carbon footprint. Including all product-related factors such as raw materials and logistics, we currently generate approx. 18,500 tonnes of unavoidable CO2 emissions.

This value is the positive result of a number of environmentally and climate-friendly measures that we have been implementing for years, such as our early switch to green electricity in 2007.


In accordance with our climate strategy, we already avoid and reduce emissions wherever possible, for example by using energy-saving schemes, mobility concepts or environmentally friendly materials. Here at Marabu, we also continually implement measures to improve our carbon footprint and update them annually to make the success of our PROJECT GREEN measurable.

We have therefore set ourselves the active goal of reducing our CO2 emissions by another 25 % by 2030.



From July 2021, our Tamm and Bietigheim sites will be climate neutral and we will be able to offer all our products in a climate-neutral manner.

The label ‘climate neutral’ represents transparent and credible climate protection.

Our carbon footprint and climate protection projects can be tracked via an ID number and the ClimatePartner ID tracking system.



ClimatePartner has been committed to driving climate protection in companies and institutions for over 15 years. The aim is to make companies and products climate neutral by calculating, reducing and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions.

Effectiveness and transparency play a key role in this regard.

The climate protection projects supported are certified to the highest standards.



The ClimatePartner certificate confirms Marabu’s climate neutrality of the company and all products as well as the the offset of carbon emissions by additional carbon offset projects.

CO2-equivalents: 18,500,000 kg

Supported offset project: forest protection in Portel, Brasil; biogas in Haikou, China; plastic bank, worldwide.

ClimatePartner-ID: 14952-2009-1001

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