Window Color

Window Color, the easy to peel painting fun for all the family.




Marabu Window Color. Colourful craft fun for the whole family. The luminous, brilliant window colour paints are light-fast, transparent and high-gloss.

The window paint is water-based and the perfect choice for children from 3 years. The colourful motifs not only stick to windows, but also to bottles, glasses, porcelain, tiles, mirrors and other smooth surfaces. Painting directly from the bottle or liner without the need for a brush is particularly convenient. The motifs can be peeled off again at any time without leaving residue and replaced with a new decoration.

Paint, peel off, done!

Window Color Programme

The Window Color selection of colours is available with a multitude of different colours in 80ml bottles. In addition to the basic colours, the mother-of-pearl, metallic, glitter as well as frost and glow-in-the-dark paints provide great effects for lots of fun. The great selection of Marabu Window Color theme sets makes painting fun for adults and children. They include high-quality paints in the 25ml liner, exclusive templates, transparent film and detailed instructions. The sets are also perfectly suited as presents for creative people.

Place the template of your choice under some transparent design film and trace the outlines with the paint bottle or liner directly on the film. The contours should be perfectly dry after about 1 to 2 hours. You can now begin filling in the spaces right up to the contours. The paint will take about 24 hours to dry completely. You can now carefully peel your image from the film and attach it to a smooth clean surface. The designs can be easily peeled off and stuck on again as needed.

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Painting Motifs

You can also use one of our many ready-made motifs if you want to create your very own little world. Designed exclusively for you. Girls and boys can look forward to lots of fun with these new motifs. There is something to suit everyone:

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