Artist Series

Marabu Artist’ acrylic paint and Artist’s spray paint provide the highest color quality and intensity. Paint and spray are perfectly matched and combinable, which enables unique results.

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Textil Print & Colouring

Create visual statements with fabrics and individually paint and print textiles. The special paints for print and design techniques, fascinating effect paint and attractive sets open up completely new possibilities for the design of clothing, textile accessories and home textiles.

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Home & Decoration

In addition to classic hues, Home & Decoration offers fascinating and innovative special effect paints. High-quality colours and sets enable a wide range of home deco designs to be realised simply and easily.


do it

Let’s get spraying! Every object will become your favourite piece with do it colours and effect sprays! But why spray? It’s quite simple: spraying produces fast, wonderfully easy, fantastic results with a smooth, even surface without visible brush strokes.

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The Graphix series offers complete creative freedom and allows you to bring any idea – no matter how imaginative – to life as well as recreate a variety of styles and techniques.

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Creativity is limitless. That is why Marabu offers an unrivalled array of colours, tools and ideas that allow you to live out your creative moments to the fullest.

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Looks like an ordinary can. But there is more to it than that.: a-system is the solution for anyone looking for a top-performing product that meets the highest standards.

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