The premium drawing range that offers the tools you need to put your creative ideas onto paper.



Marabu GRAPHIX offers the right tools to enable you to get creative ideas down on paper. Losing yourself when drawing and painting is a growing trend that is reflected in many popular art forms, from colouring books for adults and drawing comics, doodles, mangas and fashion sketches to Zentangles.

This range of pens and colours offers a wealth of possibility, whether it’s hand lettering, relaxed scribbles while on the phone, illustrated musings during a lecture or memories drawn while leafing through old photos.

It's not about art – it's about drawing our ideas whenever we want.

GRAPHIX Programme

The range includes premium Pencil GRAPHIX pencils available in 12 different hardness ratings. Aqua Pencil GRAPHIX are watercolour pencils that can be effectively applied with a brush.

Marabu Graphix Fineliners are designed for impulsive or structured visualisations. Sometimes a fine tip, sometimes a broad edge.

The water-based Aqua Pens and their double tips allow you to create and apply a plethora of styles and techniques.

The Aqua Ink is Marabu’s brilliant water-based watercolour ink for creating a fascinating play of colours with a brush or a drawing pen.

The transparent Aqua Colour watercolour paints are available in 12 light-resistant colours.

The Marabu Sketch Markers intensify the colour depth by adding multiple layers of paint (ideal for shading and colour gradients).

There are no limits with the Permanent Marker Graphix, it is smudge-proof and waterproof on many surfaces.

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GRAPHIX Brochure

The versatile products in the GRAPHIX series offer complete creative freedom and go with you everywhere, allowing you to recreate the world as you see it.

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Whether it’s scribbles, doodles, Zentangles, illustrations, hand lettering or sketching, Marabu Graphix gives you the tools you need to let your imagination run wild.

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