3D Puzzle animals with Marabu Glow in the dark

The 3D puzzle animals are great fun. Not only when putting them together or painting them – especially when playing with them. And what a surprise it is when the animals glow in the dark! The water-based afterglow paint Marabu Glow in the dark makes it possible.

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Tips and Tricks

  • For even more stability, the individual puzzle pieces can also be joined with Marabu KiDS wood glue.
  • Marabu Glow in the dark works best on a light background. Therefore, do not forget to prime.

How it is done:

  • First, assemble the 3D puzzle as described in the instructions.
  • Then prime the areas that are to be painted with Glow in the dark with the primer. Stir the primer well before painting and apply with a flat brush.
  • Once the primer is completely dry, the glow in the dark colour can be painted onto the corresponding areas. To ensure that the colour glows opaquely, several layers should be applied here. After each layer, the colour should first dry completely before the next layer is applied. As soon as everything has dried, the fun can begin!

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