A Real Gem: Manga Style Art!

You love comics or even traditional Japanese “mangas”? Then don’t miss out on “She” art with Manga style elements! Create your own Manga artwork! Combine a variety of paints and materials based around “Mixed Media”. It’s a real mix of techniques!

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How it is done:

  • To prepare, cover the worktop generously with plastic film.
    Evenly prime the canvas frame with Marabu Acryl Gesso, using a Gesso brush, for example, as ideal preparation of the material for further paints.
  • Apply a thick layer of Marabu Art Crayon in Aqua Green, Apple and Terracotta side by side along the edge. Use your fingers to smudge the colours together softly. Apply the colours a little wider in the upper right corner.
  • Place the Marabu Silhouette Stencil "Romantic Butterfly" on the Marabu Art Crayon applied to the upper right-hand corner. Now use a baby wipe (oil-free) for wipe stencilling, using the moist wipe to remove the water-soluble pigment of the Marabu Art Crayon. The covered sections remain in the background colour.
  • Then place the Marabu Art Stencil "Blooming Garden" across the right half of the picture. Spray with Marabu Art Spray in Reseda and Red Orange. When stencilling with Marabu Art Spray, only spray across the stencils lightly to prevent the thin paint from seeping underneath the stencil.
  • Cut a stencil with the outline of the girl from cardboard and use this to roughly sketch the figure on the background.
  • Fill in the girl's dress with Marabu Acryl Color in Black and a flat brush, Marabu Universal, for example, working in stripes from top to bottom. Use the black acrylic paint to shade the area to the left of the figure a little darker. Use the paint sparingly so the background still shows through.
  • Now create the face. Use a pencil to draw a horizontal centre line into the outline of the head. Then use a fine round brush, e.g. Marabu Fino, to place the upper lid on the centre line. Draw the iris on both sides, leaving a white reflection point in each. Then finish the eyes with the lower lid and use acrylic paint diluted with water to create fine eyelashes. Sketch the nose along an imaginary vertical centre line below the eyes. Draw the mouth below and paint.
  • Create the fringe and upper hair sections in strands using Marabu Acryl Color in Medium Brown with a flat brush, e.g. Marabu Universal. With a darker brown shade (e.g. Marabu Acryl Color Dark Brown) and a round brush, partially paint over the lighter hair strands and create the overall length of hair to the bottom. Emphasise playful individual curls to make the hair more vivid. If desired, paint a small bird on the lower right-hand edge of the picture with black acrylic paint.
  • Use Marabu Art Crayon in Pink and Turquoise to create the cheeks and eyes. Apply the paints and smudge the colours with your finger.
  • Place the Marabu Art Stencil "Modern Combination" over the black dress and apply a pattern to the fabric of the dress with Marabu Acryl Color in Lavender and a paint sponge.
  • Adhere a torn out piece of paper, the top layer of a paper napkin, for example, to the left-hand side with Marabu Collage Glue or Acryl Gel matt. To do this, apply the glue to the background, position the paper and carefully smooth with the brush. Further darken the area to the upper left of the figure with acrylic paint, painting slightly over the edges of the paper to achieve a smooth transition.
  • Use a stencilling brush or a paint roller to apply a thin layer of white acrylic paint to the Marabu Art Stamp "Sunflower". Stamp into the upper left and lower right corners. Only use part of the stamp design each time and do not press too hard to avoid transferring the lower edge of the stamp.
  • Then use Marabu Acryl Mousse for relief stencilling by applying the mousse to the back of the paint knife directly from the tube. Use the paint knife to apply an even layer across the stencil (e.g. Marabu 3D Stencil "Flowers").

  • Place a section of the Marabu Art Stencil "Zentangel" on the lower left section and stencil with Marabu Acryl Color in Glitter Silver. You can also use the paint knife to apply a thicker layer of paint and create a strong glitter effect. The initially milky paint dries to a transparent finish, revealing the glitter particles.
  • Use Marabu Art Painter to position a suitable phrase and create a rough frame around the picture. Use a sponge to colour the edge of the canvas frame with black acrylic paint.
  • Emphasise the reflection points in the girl's eyes with a brush handle dipped in white Gesso. Add further strands to the girl's hair with Marabu Acryl Color in White and Black to further liven it up.
  • Done!

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