Advent calendar mountains with Marabu YONO marker

Such an Advent calendar made of small mountains is quickly homemade and also looks decoratively good. Simply turn 24 cardboard triangles into snow-covered peaks with the YONO marker, glue on small boxes, fill them and give them away. The surprise is ready!

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Marabu products you need...

…additionaly things you need

kraft paper
geo triangle
24 small boxes
stencil with numbers

How it is done:

  • First, pre-draw 24 triangles on the kraft paper and then cut them out.
  • Now design the triangles with the YONO marker. To do this, first shake the YONO marker with the cap closed for 60 seconds. The mixing ball in the marker makes a clacking sound. Slowly press the tip in several times on a piece of test paper until ink is visible. When the ink flow is activated, the tip slowly fills up. When the tip is full of ink, write the marker on the test paper. Then apply the numbers freehand or using a stencil with the fine YONO marker. Then create the mountain peaks with the wide YONO marker. In addition, apply small white dots as snowflakes.
  • While the paint is drying, the small boxes (e.g. matchboxes) can be prepared. To do this, cut individual strips from the white paper and glue them around the boxes.
  • Finally, glue the 24 prepared mountains to the boxes. Fill Advent calendar - done!

Simple DIY Advent calendar crafting with Marabu YONO markers

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