Balsa wood decorative trees with Marau Colorado Gold

These little trees look very intricately sawn – in reality you only need a sharp cutter to cut them out of the balsa wood. The colouring is even easier: The surfaces are coloured with Marabu Colorado Gold. The modern Christmas decoration is ready!

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  • You can find just the right metallic and glitter special effect colours in the LOVELY MOMENTS set. The water-based paints are suitable for Christmas decorations made from wood, MDF, paper maché, paper, stone and much more.

How it is done:

  • Using a set square and a pencil, draw two triangles of the same size on the balsa wood.
  • Carefully cut the triangles out using a craft knife and cutting ruler. Add a slit to each triangle on both the top and the bottom that is half the length of the triangle and as wide as the piece of wood.
  • Using masking tape, section off the bits of the triangles that you’re going to decorate. You can now start painting your trees. Why not use different colours for your designs? For example, you can create interesting mixes using one metallic and one glitter paint. Remove the masking tape and leave the paint to dry. Once dry, simply assemble the pieces to create a tree.

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