Bast bag for the beach with Marabu GREEN alkyd paint

This colorful companion gives the next day at the beach or lake a visual highlight! For guaranteed success, there is a template to print.

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How it is done:

  • Cover the work area and prepare the materials. The raffia bag should be clean and dry. First, pre-draw the motif on the bag. For this purpose, you can simply print out the template and trace it or choose your own motif.
  • Now start with the darkest GREEN shades in cherry red and a mixture of light green and black and use them to paint the pre-drawn motif opaquely. To penetrate all the spaces in the coarse weave, use plenty of paint and apply several coats of paint if necessary. Allow an intermediate drying time between the individual layers. Then the need can be better estimated.
  • After the dark shades have dried, paint details on the petals with GREEN Alkyd Paint in Raspberry and Pastel Pink. Let the brush strokes run from the inside to the outside. Repeat with the leaves - mix GREEN Alkyd Paint in Light Green with Cream White and Medium Yellow. Finally, paint the pistil and the stigma of the hibiscus flower in creamy white, sunny yellow and medium yellow. Let everything dry well.

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