Concrete photo holder with Marabu New York Neon

A nice alternative to the classic picture frame are these concrete photo holders. With different letters, messages or names can be created. Painted with the fluorescent daylight fluorescent paint Marabu New York Neon you can’t miss them!

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  • The day-glow effect comes into its own particularly well on light surfaces. Therefore prime dark items with a light colour.

How it is done:

  • Mix creative cement with water using an old spoon or a wooden stick (mixing ratio according to manufacturer's instructions on the packaging).
  • In the empty silicone letter form, place approx. 10 cm of craft wire at the top of the letters. One third of the wire should be bent over so that it will sink better into the concrete later. To prevent the wire from slipping during the drying time, it is best to fix it with adhesive tape.
  • Now carefully pour the mixed concrete into the letter form. You can shake the silicone form very carefully so that the concrete spreads well. Then let it harden over night.
  • The next day, carefully remove the letters from the silicone mould.
  • Now bend the end of the wire, which has hardened in the concrete, to a snail or other figure, so that a photo can be attached there later.
  • Next, prime the letters with the primer in white. Either all over or, as here, only the outer sides. Let everything dry well and then paint the primed areas with the Marabu New York Neon colours. Let the paint dry well again.
  • Finally, attach the photo to the wire. Now you can put the concrete letters on your desk or give them away!

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