Biscuit jar with heart design and Marabu Textil Transfer

Everyone loves home-made biscuits at Christmas. So why not draw the eye to the biscuit jar too with a lovingly designed fabric wrap.

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Marabu products you need...

…additionaly things you need

white or natural coloured cotton
storage jar
laser printer
adhesive tape
paper to protect the reverse side
fabric scissors
nail scissors
heart template (e.g. shape cutter)

How it is done:

  • Start by using a laser printer to print the design to be transferred to the fabric. Next, cut it out leaving a border of 1 – 2 cm all the way round.
  • Use the adhesive tape to secure the design to the fabric with the printed side facing down. Before you continue, place a sheet of paper under the fabric.
  • Use a flat brush to apply the textile transfer medium to the back of the paper.
  • Once the paper is completely soaked with the medium, use a corner of the squeegee to transfer the ink to the fabric. Take care to work with even pressure.
  • Remove the paper, then wait until the fabric is completely dry before you proceed. Next, use the fabric scissors to cut out the printed area from the fabric.
  • Now we are just missing the heart-shaped cut-out. Place the shape cutter (or other suitable template) in the desired position and draw round it with the pencil.
  • Use the nail scissors to cut out the heart design.
  • Use several drops of glue to stick the fabric to the storage jar. If necessary, you can then additionally decorate the jar with jute ribbon, fir branches or other festive elements.

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