Flower frames with Marabu Window Color

These flowers never wilt! Simply painted on the glass pane of a simple picture frame, they decorate every corner and bring colourful joy.

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  • The motifs can also be designed using a template. To do this, place your favourite template under the glass pane and colour in the contours and flower motifs with the desired shades.
  • Of course, the contours of the motifs can also be applied first with a Window Color contour paint. To do this, trace the contours with the contour paint and leave to dry for approx. 1 hour. Then colour in the motifs with the Window Color shades. Make sure that the paint is applied right up to the contour.

How it is done:

  • First disassemble the picture frame and remove the glass. Clean with a little glass cleaner and dry with a cloth.
  • Lay the glass flat on the work surface. Now paint a pattern of blossoms, flowers and leaves on the glass with Window Color fun & fancy.
  • The design without Window Color outline colour gives the motif a certain lightness. For this, however, the individual colour areas of the blossoms and flowers should be applied one after the other. Otherwise the different colours may run into each other. It is best to let the colours dry briefly before working on the same motif with the next colour.
  • Finally, leave the painting to dry for approx. 24 hours. The next day, the picture frame can be put together again, but without the back wall. Depending on the type of frame, you may need some glue/wood glue to fix the glass in the frame. It is best to position the painted side of the glass on the outside, so that the painting is shown to its best advantage and the feel of the flowers is preserved.

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