Paper flowers coloured with Marabu Art Spray

Create the perfect summer party decorations by quickly transforming sandwich bags into fabulous flowers in an array of fresh shades with a little Art Spray.

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  • Clean the spray nozzle after use.

How it is done:

  • Transfer the patterns from the template to the white cardboard. Place the patterns on the sandwich bags of the desired size. Draw around them with a pencil.
  • Then cut them out.
  • Stick together the desired number of bags (8 – 10) (see the template for where to apply the glue). Let it dry.
  • Fan out the paper flowers and stick them together. Let it dry.
  • Use Art Spray to spray the paper flowers in various colours of your choice. To do this, shake the spray bottles well before use and cover the working area with newspaper.
  • Leave the sprayed flowers to dry, then hang on a nylon thread.

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