Flower pot with Marabu DO IT Craft Paint

Want something more colorful? With Marabu DO IT Craft Paint, simple objects can quickly get a new coat of paint and a new look. Bring a little color into your home!

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flower box
wooden box
Tips and Tricks

  • All Marabu DO IT Craft Paint colors are water-based and can be mixed with each other.

How it is done:

  • Cover the work area and lay out the work materials. The object to be painted should be clean and dry. If necessary, clean or sand wooden objects a little so that the paint adheres better. Remove sanding dust thoroughly before painting.
  • Squeeze the DO IT Craft Paint directly from the tube onto a painting palette or a piece of cardboard and pick up with a brush. The paint is ready to use and can be applied immediately.
  • Design the object (flower pot, wooden box, balls, etc.) as desired using the different colors. If necessary, the pattern can be drawn in advance with a pencil. Color patches can also be masked off with the adhesive tape to create clean edges.
  • After designing, remove the adhesive tape, for example, clean working materials such as brushes with water and allow the paint to dry thoroughly.

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