Colourful acrylic paintings with heart and Marabu Acrylic Colours

A motif with so many possibilities and variations. If an acrylic painting doesn’t express the whole range of love or reflect your own creativity, then it becomes a whole series. Simply be inspired by the many possibilities with our Marabu Acryl Color.

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Tips and Tricks

  • All colours can be mixed with each other. Shades can be lightened with white or darkened with black. Mixing colours should always take place in a separate vessel.

How it is done:

  • Most hearts are painted on freehand. If you prefer an exact heart shape, you should make a cardboard heart template.
  • First, prime the stretcher frame with the desired acrylic paint in red. Also apply the paint generously to the outer edges.
  • Now either carve a heart into the still wet paint with the brush handle or let the primer dry and later transfer the heart with a stencil.
  • In the centre of the stretcher, paint some stripes in yellow, pink and orange. These stripes should be arranged in a square shape. Let the stripes dry well.
  • Finally, either paint over the background in white around the scribed heart or place the heart stencil in the desired position and paint the stretcher frame white around the stencil. In both cases, the heart shape is left blank and later appears in an appealing striped look.
  • Some stretcher frames are also designed with serviettes and decoupage papers. In these cases, first prime the stretcher frame in white and apply the napkins and/or decoupage papers with Marabu Decoupage & Serviette varnish and glue in matt. After the drying time, design the background around the heart with your favourite colour as described in point 5.

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