Christmas cushions with Marabu Textil Soft Linol Print

Cushions are a great way to make your home feel even cosier, especially at Christmas. Adding prints is quick and easy, so you can really get into the swing of making cushions – and not only decorate your armchairs but also your couch, the guest bed and anywhere else you desire.

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Marabu products you need...

…additionaly things you need

cotton cushion cover (max. 20% synthetic fibres)
cardboard to protect the reverse side
transfer paper

How it is done:

  • Start by washing the cushion cover to remove any finish residues.
  • Use the transfer paper and a soft pencil to transfer the two individual design elements onto the two linoleum plates. Templates that you can easily trace can be found online.
  • Use the linoleum printing tool to cut the plates so that the surfaces of the designs are raised.
  • Now start by printing the car design. Place a piece of cardboard inside the cushion cover to prevent the paint from soaking through to the other side. Apply some paint to the foam roller and roll this onto the soft rubber plate. Next, press the design onto the middle of the cushion cover. Repeat the process with the second element, the Christmas tree.

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