Christmas spirit with Marabu Textil Metallic

Already found the right outfits or home accessories for Christmas? Not yet – then simply get creative yourself with the shimmering metallic fabric paint Marabu Textil Metallic and you’ll be in the Christmas spirit!

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Textiles made of cotton (max. 20% synthetic fibre content)


  • Always wash painted textiles inside out with mild detergent. Never place the iron directly on the painted surfaces, iron either from the left or covered with a cloth.

How it is done:

  • Always wash textiles first before painting to remove the finish. Allow to dry and iron.
  • Brushes, dab brushes, spatulas and foam rollers are all suitable for applying the metallic fabric paint.
  • Simple lines and clear edges can be created with the masking technique, for example. Tape off the areas that are to be designed and smooth out the tape. When painting double-sided textiles (T-shirt or cushion cover), always place a piece of cardboard between the textile layers so that the paint cannot bleed through to the back of the textile. Then colour the masked area, preferably with a dabbing brush or paint roller.
  • Stencilling is best done with a stippling brush. By the way, the colourless stencil adhesive spray Fix-it prevents stencils from slipping. Simply spray the stencil with the adhesive spray before applying, allow to flash off briefly and then apply. After stencilling, simply remove the stencil and clean it under running water. The colourless adhesive spray leaves no residue on the textile.
  • Lettering can easily be transferred to light-coloured textiles: Print the lettering or motif of your choice in the appropriate size on A4 paper.
  • Place the template inside the shirt, for example. With light-coloured textiles, the pattern shimmers through and can be easily traced with a brush and the fabric paint. Allow the paint to dry well.
  • After drying, the colour must be fixed on all textiles. Either iron the textile from the front through a thin cloth at cotton temperature for 3 min. (without steam) or fix in the oven for 8 min. at 150 °C (follow manufacturer's instructions). Afterwards, the textile metallic paint can be washed in the washing machine at 40 degrees.

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