COLOUR SPLASH with Marabu Alcohol Ink

Limitless design freedom through a wide range of pouring techniques and creative designs with Alcohol Ink. Various tools and resources can be used to create different effects. The only thing you need for COLOUR SPLASH technique is a little bit of air.

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  • The colours can be easily mixed in a plastic mixing palette to create new shades.
  • Marabu Alcohol Ink is suitable for non-absorbent surfaces (e. g. coated special paper, glass, metal, porcelain, etc.). Please note, that Alcohol Ink is not dishwasher safe and only suitable for art objects/decorative items. It is not food-safe or saliva-proof and must not be used on cut surfaces or drinking edges.
  • Keep away from open flames (e.g. candles), as Alcohol Ink is highly flammable.

How it is done:

  • Cover the work surface and your clothing. Put on disposable gloves. Put on a protective mask and open the windows.
  • Shake the metallic and diamond Alcohol Inks until the pigments are evenly dispersed. If the bottle has already been opened (see step 3): place a gloved finger over the open bottle tip and shake well.
  • How to open the Alcohol Ink bottle: pull off the cap and insert a pin into the top of the bottle tip.
  • Squeeze droplets of Alcohol Ink in the desired colour onto the background. Add Extender on top. The ink thins out and becomes more fluid.
  • Carefully blow the ink, working outwards (e.g. with a drill hole blower). Tip: To create flowers, blow the ink outwards working in a circle.
  • Repeat the process several times until the desired result has been achieved.
  • Let it dry.

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