Design baubles for the Christmas tree with Marabu Brilliant Painter

Filled with miniature light strings, endearing Christmas messages or sweet treats, these creatively designed baubles are certain to conjure up a grateful smile on your loved ones’ faces!

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Marabu products you need...

…additionaly things you need

acrylic glass baubles
leather cord
adhesive tape
dried eucalyptus leaves
dried eucalyptus leaves,

How it is done:

  • Print templates for the lettering design in the appropriate size. Suitable fonts can be downloaded from the internet free of charge for private use. Next, use the scissors to cut out the individual lettering designs.
  • Use a little adhesive tape to secure the templates to the inside of the acrylic glass baubles so that the lettering design can be read through the glass.
  • Prior to use, shake the paint markers well with the cap on (the mixing balls must be clearly audible). Then remove the cap and pump the tip on a neutral surface a few times until the ink becomes visible. The Brilliant Painter can now be used to trace the lettering design onto the glass.
  • You can now fill the baubles with anything you desire. For example, small LED light strings or dried eucalyptus leaves, which highlight white lettering designs particularly beautifully. Finally, press the two halves together to complete the bauble and attach a piece of leather cord to hang it from.

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