Designing stick candles mit Marabu Candle Pen

Designing individual candles and decorating them with patterns and shapes is the current spring trend! Here are four great design options for springtime decoration highlights in your home. The decorated candles are perfect for decoration and interior design fans. Beautifully packaged in a small gift box, they will delight on birthdays, Valentine’s Day or as a hostess gift.

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How it is done:

  • Use the white Candle Pen and paint alternating small and large dots onto the stick candle. Alternatively, paint lots of small dots on the end of the candle.

  • Apply a good layer of the Candle Pen colour to the edge of the candle.
  • Then smudge the colour in one direction with the brush. This creates the pastel and soft effect. The dried colour glaze can be further decorated with patterns or other embellishments.
  • Use the black and white Candle Pen to paint on patterns such as arrows, dashes and dots to create Boho patterns on candles. Combine the elements according to taste.
  • Terrazzo is actually about small colourful stone patterns that are imitated with the Candle Liners. Different colours can be combined. For the terrazzo design, choose 3-4 different colour shades of the Candle Pen and paint small and large shapes on the candle with each colour. This creates a great graphic pattern. At the end, simply fill the white spaces with small strokes or dots.

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