DIY paper bird mobile with Marabu GREEN alkyd paint

This colourful mobile is adorned with many colourful birds and is homemade! As a stylish home accessory, it magically attracts the eye. Thanks to the many different birds and the lightness, there is always something to look at.

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How it is done:

  • Cover the work area well and prepare the working materials. First cut out individual bird shapes from kraft paper and draw the details such as plumage or beak on the front and back with a pencil. Do not work too small, but simplify the shapes as much as possible so that the details can be easily painted later with a brush.
  • Then paint the birds with the GREEN colours in a colourful and opaque way. Once the front is dry, the back of the birds can also be painted.
  • Once the front and back are completely dry, the birds are attached to a wooden ring with needle and thread at different heights. This can be a mobile ring, but the inside of a larger embroidery hoop is also very suitable here.

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