DIY lantern from wooden balls with Marabu do it Colorspray

Round and shiny beautiful! The simple wooden balls get a whole new look with white spray and with a little glue immediately the perfect shape for candlelight.

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Marabu products you need...

…additionaly things you need

wooden beads
wooden skewer
hot glue pistol
side cutter
wooden disc
paper, foil
LED tea light

How it is done:

  • Have working materials ready and clean the wooden balls if necessary. They should be clean, dry and free of dust.
  • In the first step, apply a little hot glue to the opening of a wooden bead.
  • Then glue a wooden skewer in the wooden bead.
  • For a row of balls, now thread a total of 5 wooden beads onto a wooden skewer. Then clip off the skewer above the last ball with a side cutter and attach a sixth ball with a little hot glue as a finish.
  • The individual rows of balls are now attached to the wooden disc one after the other with hot glue. Connect the individual rows with each other at the top wooden ball with a little hot glue. Allow all glued areas to dry well.
  • Then it's time to start spraying. First cover the work area well and also protect the work environment sufficiently from the spray mist of the paint. It is best to spray outside or provide sufficient ventilation.
  • Carefully pull the spray heads off the cans and remove the red safety valve. Replace the spray heads and caps and shake the cans for 2-3 minutes. Spray with the cans first on newspaper to check that there are no solids in the spray head.
  • Now the ball lantern can be sprayed opaque. This is best done in several sprays and from different directions. Always allow some drying time between spraying and shake the cans again. Finally, allow the paint application to dry thoroughly. Once the paint has dried, an LED tea light can be used, for example.

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