Domino stones designed with Marabu YONO Marker

A classic reinterpreted in a fabulous design. Modernly designed with the Marabu YONO markers, these dominoes made of wood are really big in the game and also cut a good figure as decoration on the coffee table.

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Tips and Tricks

  • For an even application of paint, pump regularly.
  • Before putting away, close the marker firmly with a distinct click.
  • Store the marker horizontally.

How it is done:

  • First, the desired patterns are drawn on the stones with the help of a pencil and ruler. This should result in a balanced mix of differently combined patterns.
  • Before first use, shake the YONO marker with the cap closed for 60 seconds. The mixing ball in the marker makes a clacking sound. Slowly press the tip in several times on a piece of test paper until ink is visible. When the ink flow is activated, the tip slowly fills up. When the tip is full of ink, write the marker on the test paper.
  • Then the patterns are assigned their colours and the stones are painted accordingly with the YONO markers.
  • In this way, colour all the stones one by one. The colours should then dry well before the domino game is used.

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