Fabric gift packaging with Marabu Textil Print

In Japan, for example, gifts are traditionally wrapped in pretty cloths known as Furoshiki. By choosing the material and pattern and using a special folding technique, a fabulous personal touch is added to every gift, without any need for paper. A recyclable gift packaging idea with a dual function.

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Marabu products you need...

…additionaly things you need

cotton (max. 20% synthetic fibres)
christmas shape cutters (moon, Christmas tree or similar)
nail scissors
adhesive tape


  • You can mix any combination of Textil Print paints. To create a darker shade of blue, simply mix Textil Print blue with black in a separate container.

How it is done:

  • Use the Christmas shape cutters to make cardboard templates. Draw round the cutters on the cardboard with a pencil. The firmer and thicker the cardboard, the more often the template can be reused during the printing process.
  • Use a pair of nail scissors to cut out the middle of the shapes.
  • Stick the stencil to the flat side of the screen using adhesive tape.
  • Spread out the fabric on a surface (cardboard or film) and place the flat side of the screen on the fabric. Next, use the spatula to apply an approx. 1 cm thick line of Textil Print paint to the top edge of the screen.
  • Working from top to bottom, use the squeegee to spread out the paint over the design without applying any pressure. Next, slide the squeegee from the top of the design to the bottom, applying even pressure, to transfer the Textil Print paint to the fabric.
  • Repeat the method to apply the design to the fabric multiple times. Work as quickly as possible, adding a new line of paint to the screen for each printing process.
    Once dry, you can use the fabric to wrap your gifts. Fasten it in place by knotting the ends or tying it with a ribbon (e.g. made from jute).

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