Floral fluid art with Marabu Alcohol Ink and Marabu YONO Marker

A wonderful background is provided by the glossy shades of Marabu Alcohol Ink and sets the scene for the floral motif on the glass panel for the Marabu YONO marker. This turns a simple picture frame into an admirable work of art!

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Tips and Tricks

  • Always close the YONO marker tightly with a clear click and store it lying down.

How it is done:

  • First cover the work surface and clothing. We recommend wearing disposable gloves and a protective mask and opening a window.
  • Shake up Alcohol Ink Metallic Gold until the pigments are well distributed (mixing ball included in the container). If the bottle has already been opened: Place your finger (with glove) on the open tip of the bottle and shake vigorously. Now open all Alcohol Ink bottles. To do this, pull the cap upwards and pierce the upper end of the bottle tip with a pin.
  • Remove the Plexiglas pane from the frame and clean thoroughly. Dry and place on a light-coloured surface (e.g. baking paper).
  • Drip different shades of Alcohol Ink onto the pane as desired.
  • By tilting and tilting the disc or by careful blow-drying, the colours flow in different directions and great effects are created.
  • Then drip Alcohol Ink Extender over it. A few drops of the extender are enough to create semi-transparent colour areas. For a noble metallic effect, drip on a little Alcohol Ink Metallic Gold at the end.
  • Then allow the colours to dry well.
  • Now you can draw contours on the dried Alcohol Ink pattern with the YONO acrylic markers. Before using the marker for the first time, shake it for 60 seconds with the cap closed. The mixing ball in the marker makes a clacking sound. Then slowly push the tip of the marker in several times on a piece of test paper until ink is visible. When the ink flow is activated, the tip slowly fills up with ink. When the tip is full of ink, write on the marker on the test paper.
  • Now the contours can be drawn directly on the disc. These can be flowers, plants or geometric shapes, for example.
  • When everything has dried well, the acrylic painting can be put back into the frame and hung up in a nice place or given as a gift.

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