Spring metal ring with Marabu Alcohol Ink

Decorated with colourful Alcohol Ink leaves, this DIY metal ring cheerfully puts us in the mood for spring. A perfect decoration for the door, on the wall or hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room.

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  • Marabu Alcohol Ink is suitable for non-absorbent surfaces such as coated special paper, glass, metal, porcelain and many more. However, please always note: Alcohol Ink is not dishwasher safe and is also only suitable for art objects/decorative items. It is not food-safe or saliva-proof and must not be used on cut surfaces or drinking rims.
  • Keep away from naked flames (e.g. candles) as Alcohol Ink is highly flammable.
  • Marabu Alcohol Ink Metallic shades and the Diamond shade must be shaken well before dripping until the pigments are well distributed. This works best when the bottle is still closed and has not yet been pierced. If the bottle has already been opened, it is best to place your finger (with glove) on the open tip of the bottle and shake vigorously.

How it is done:

  • First cover the work surface and clothing. We recommend wearing disposable gloves and a protective mask and opening a window.
  • Now open the Alcohol Ink bottles. To do this, pull the cap upwards and pierce the top of the bottle with a pin.
  • Design several sheets of the synthetic paper with Alcohol Ink as desired. Drip the Alcohol Ink colour onto the synthetic paper. Then drip Alcohol Ink Extender over it. The ink will liquefy and the flow will be increased. Small drops of the ink are already enough to turn it into semi-transparent coloured areas with the help of the extender. Allow everything to dry well.
  • Once the papers are completely dry, use the motif punch to cut out oval leaves from the papers. Instead of using a motif punch, the leaves can also be cut out with scissors.
  • The oval leaves are now provided with a small hole at one end with the help of a needle and then threaded onto a piece of wire.
  • Then the leaves are fixed one after the other with the wire. To do this, the threaded leaves are twisted around their own axis several times so that they are fixed and can be bent into the desired position. In this way, several individual branches are made.
  • The finished branches are then attached to the metal ring one after the other. To do this, wrap the twigs around the ring and then bend the individual leaves as desired.
  • Finally, attach a hanger made of cotton string to hang the wreath.

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