Tea towel with Marabu Textil Soft Linol Print & Colouring

The inconspicuous little kitchen helpers. Whether for drying dishes, placing under hot pans or wiping surfaces, tea/dish towels have an array of different uses. To bring them out of their shadowy existence, we have given then a fresh and fabulous design. Grab our soft linoleum plates and Textil Print paint and you can easily do the same!

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…additionaly things you need

Plain white tea towel made from cotton or linen
Cardboard to place under the tea towel

How it is done:

  • Before painting, wash the tea towel without fabric softener to remove any finish residues. Leave to dry, then iron.
  • Next, use a soft pencil to draw the picture of broccoli onto the linoleum plate, then cut out with the linoleum cutting tool so the surface of the design is raised.
  • Place a piece of cardboard under the tea towel to prevent the paint from soaking through. Apply the Textil Print paint to the foam roller and roll this onto the soft linoleum plate. Next, print the image onto the tea towel in an irregular pattern. Allow the paint to fully dry.
  • Once the paint has dried, fix in the oven (eight minutes at 150 °C).
  • You can now ‘colour in’ the individual pictures of broccoli using a brush and the Textil Aquarell paint. Use the brush to paint the watercolour onto the fabric. Please note: the wetter the brush, the more the watercolour paint will keep flowing.
  • To dry and fix the watercolour paint, lay the damp tea towel out flat on a sheet of baking paper in the oven and fix the paint for eight minutes at 150 °C. The tea towel will then be machine washable at up to 40 °C.

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