Paper fortune cookies with Marabu GREEN alkyd paint

Wisdom and good wishes are simply part of New Year’s Eve. In addition to the classic lead casting, fortune cookies are also a great option for looking ahead to the New Year at a New Year’s Eve party or for handing out New Year’s wishes. The fortune cookies are easy to make out of paper and these instructions show you how!

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How it is done:

  • Use the compass to draw 5 circles with a diameter of 10 cm on a sheet of paper.
  • Now the paper can be painted with the various GREEN alkyd paints and GREEN brushes in different thicknesses. You can alternate between brush strokes, lines and dots.
  • Once the paint has dried, cut out the circles.
  • Print out the fortune cookie sayings or write them by hand and cut them into strips. Fold the strips and place them in the middle of the back of each circle.
  • Roll up the circle from the top and bottom and overlap the two edges by approx. 1 cm, holding them firmly with one hand.
  • With the other hand, place one finger on the right and one on the left at the edge of the roll you have just created and one in the middle on the opposite side of the overlap. Fold the roll back in the middle.
  • Using a small dot of GREEN multi-purpose adhesive, glue the two sides of the roll that have just been folded back together and fix them with a paper clip to dry.
  • Once dry, simply remove the paper clip and decorate the fortune cookies or give them as gifts.

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