Golden artwork with Marabu Acryl Paste

Give your walls a little golden shine! The spirals on the large-format canvas frame are filled with acrylic paste in gold.

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How it is done:

  • Prime the canvas frame with the paint roller and acrylic paint in white and let it dry.
  • Copy the template for the spirals to the desired size and mirror it once. Cut out the spirals from paper, spray a little Fix-it on the back and place them on the primed canvas. Now trace the spirals with a pencil.
  • Cover this pencil drawing with adhesive foil. Then carefully draw the pencil lines with the cutter, so that the canvas is not damaged. Now remove the spirals (foil), the white background remains covered with adhesive foil.
  • Apply the acrylic paste with the painting knife so that the spirals are completely covered. As long as the paste is still moist, use the effect fillers to draw in structures. Let everything dry well, but do not remove the adhesive foil yet.
  • Spray the stencils with Fix-it adhesive spray, let them air out a little and place them on the spiral at any position. Now apply Acryl Paste to the template again with the painting knife. Carefully lift off the template and place it on another place, repeat the process. The pattern of the stencil is now on the spirals as an additional structure.
  • After drying, remove the remaining films.

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