Graceful Dancer in a Mixed Media Style

You are an avid fan of Manga styles? You love Japan? Then discover your creativity and make an art journal in a Mixed Media style. You will definitely succeed in creating your own distinctive artwork with these instructions from Marabu as inspiration. Simply mix all materials together – layer by layer.

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How it is done:

  • To prepare, cover the worktop generously with plastic film. First choose your manuscript paper and tear this as you wish. Use the paint knife to apply Marabu Collage Glue to a Marabu Mixed Media Ring Binder of any size.
  • Apply Marabu Acryl Mousse in Lavender with a paint knife to the areas to the left and right of the figure.
  • Mix Marabu Acryl Color in White and Leaf Green to create a subtle pastel green. Apply the paint to the right-hand side of the figure using a wide bristle brush ("Robust", size 50).
  • Paint a section of the right-hand side of the canvas frame with a mixture of Marabu Acryl Color in Fir Green and Ochre using the wide "Robust" brush. The design always needs to have a slightly loose unfinished look (so-called Mixed Media style).
  • Apply Marabu Acryl Color in Cherry Red to the area at the bottom.
  • Use a brush to apply black acrylic paint to define the individual areas. Apply some paint to the edge of the canvas frame and smudge it slightly to create a "dirty edge" with a shabby look. Allow everything to dry.
  • Use the Marabu Art Stamp "Rose" to stipple the surface with Acryl Color in White, stamping the purple coloured area to the left of the figure. Then dry the paint with a hair dryer. Rinse the stamp with water.
  • Paint the dancer's dress in pastel green (as described in step 3). Dry the layers with a hair dryer between coats.
  • Progressively apply more detail to the figure. Use a very thin brush for the face and the bird on the arm and liquefy the paint with a little water. Dry the applied paint with a hair dryer.
  • Place some cardboard around the dark green colour surface on the right-hand side of the picture so that it remains unmasked. Then place the "Blooming Garden" stencil on the surface and stipple with a stencilling brush and black acrylic paint. Remove the stencil and dry the paint with a hair dryer.
  • Then place the "Blooming Garden" stencil on the canvas frame. This time on the pastel green surface. Now mix Marabu Acryl Color in Yellow and Ochre together and apply the paint with the stencilling brush.
  • Use the Marabu Art Stamp "Sunflower" with the mixed yellow colour from step 11 and stamp the dancer's dress. Use the stippling brush to pick up small quantities of the paint from a flat plate and apply to the stamp.
  • Spray the Marabu Art Spray in Sunshine Yellow and Mint over the stamping and stencilled area. This creates a harmonious play of colours! Use a hair dryer to dry the paint.
  • Cover the red background area at the lower edge of the picture with the Marabu Art Stencil "Growing Dots" and spray the surface with Marabu Art Spray in Cherry Red. Remove the stencil and clean under cold water.
  • Use a stencilling brush and the "Basic Combination" stencil to apply a few squares to various parts of the picture with Marabu Acryl Color in Black.
  • Create a soft frame of your choice around the picture with the Marabu Art Painter in Black.
  • Finally give the picture a special plastic effect by applying a wavy pattern of Marabu Acryl Gel to the surface with a special effect knife.
  • The Mixed Media look artwork is finished!

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