Autumn decoration with acorns and Marabu GREEN alkyd paint

Acorns are as much a part of autumn as pumpkins and colourful leaves. If you can’t find any real acorns, you can quickly make acorns out of modelling clay. Durable for ever and colourfully painted, they make a really nice splash of colour in the autumn decorations.

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How it is done:

  • First form balls with the air-drying modelling clay. Then roll them between your hands until they become elongated. Form the little hats from a flat piece of modelling clay. To do this, you can use a wooden ball as a shaping aid, about the same size as the shaped acorns. Use the tip of the brush handle to press small depressions into the hat.
  • Stick the acorns and little hats individually onto wooden skewers and leave to dry. Afterwards, they can be easily painted on the wooden skewers from all sides with GREEN alkyd paint in bright colours.
  • To dry, simply fan out the wooden skewers and place them in a jar so that the acorns do not touch each other. Then remove everything from the wooden skewers.
  • Drip some GREEN multi-purpose glue into each cap and glue an acorn inside. Let the glue set well and then the acorns are ready.

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