Christmas Cards with Marabu Aqua Pen Graphix

Herr Letter took out paper, paints and pencils and designed these two lovely Christmas cards. He uses the new Aqua Pen Graphix in beautiful pastel colors. The pens can be used for painting as well as for writing and can be painted on watercolor paper. Perfect for Christmas mail!

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Tips and Tricks

  • The pens have a double tip for fine illustrations and great brushletterings

How it is done:

  • Fold the paper in the middle to make card. Then make a sketch of the two Christmas baubles with a pencil.

  • Color the bauble with a light pink and then add a few strokes with a darker tone.
  • With a brush and water, watercolor the painted color and blur it.
  • Paint the other bauble in the same way. Then let everything dry well and use the Aqua Pen to paint letterings into the baubles.
  • Fold the second card as with the other motif and make a rough sketch for the holly branch.
  • Color the leaves with a green tone and the berries with a pink.
  • Then paint both with brush and water. Let the illustrations dry well.
  • In the meantime draw a sketch for the lettering.
  • Finally, trace the lettering with a grey Aqua Pen and add small details such as leaf structures etc.

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