Home office poster with Marabu Dot Pen

Our study should become more beautiful! With a poster above the desk, it is much nicer to work in the home office. And the best: the printed dots on the poster form the template for the Marabu Dot Pen. So the flat motif immediately becomes a stylish 3D work of art.

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poster, e.g. "Dot Collection" H&M Home
Tips and Tricks

  • Place the dot directly on the base from above. Do not hold the liner sideways like a pencil and apply the color from the side.
  • Do not skimp on color. Dots need some mass to form or to work.
  • Set point by point, detach liner from substrate and set at the next point, slowly/carefully setting each point.

How it is done:

  • Cover the work area and prepare the materials. Live the poster flat on the work surface and secure with tape if necessary.
  • First test the Marabu Dot Pen on a separate paper. Then trace the printed dots on the poster. It is best to place the pen directly in the center of the printed dot from above. Then the flow of color can be controlled better. Place dot by dot one after the other. Detach the pen from the poster after each dot and place it again at the next point.
  • Start with the white dots.
  • Then finalize the motif with another color, e.g. black.
  • Finally, let everything dry well and hang the poster. The drying time is about 72 hours.

Home office poster with Marabu Dot Pen

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