Industrial-look interior with Marabu Himalaya Stone

Modern and rough aesthetics – that’s what characterises the industrial style. With a few simple steps and our stone effect paste Himalaya Stone, a simple lamp and a wooden magazine rack become two matching style elements in industrial look. You almost feel like you’re in a loft in New York.

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How it is done:

  • Cover the work area well and have all the materials ready. First unscrew the lamp and carefully stow it away. Then sand the magazine rack and the lamp base a little and remove the sanding dust thoroughly. Both parts should be clean and dust-free.
  • Cover areas that are not to be designed with tape. Stick the tape on firmly and smooth it out to achieve exact edges when designing.
  • Pour some Himalaya Stone fine in concrete light onto a painting palette and apply to the lamp base with a wide brush. Allow to dry briefly and apply another coat if necessary. Then remove the adhesive tape and allow the base to dry thoroughly. When dry, replace the bulb.
  • For the magazine rack, place coarse Himalaya Stone in graphite on a painting palette and pick up with a palette knife. Paint the stone effect paste onto the magazine rack. Then remove the tape and allow the paint to dry thoroughly.
  • Sand the dried paint slightly. Sanding creates a particularly vivid shading. Remove the sanding dust and you're done!

DIY Tutorial: DIY Industrial Look Lamps and Magazine Stands by Marabu

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