Jeans pants pockets utensilo with Marabu KiDS T-Shirt Color

From the pockets of a discarded pair of jeans and embroidery hoops can be easily made Utensilos. Then only a little paint is missing and the practical wall decoration is ready.

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used bright jeans
embroidery frame

How it is done:

  • Attach the discarded jeans in the embroidery hoop. Clamp the trouser pocket in the center of the embroidery hoop. Close the embroidery hoop well and carefully cut off the parts of the jeans that are not needed.
  • Pour the T-shirt color into the wells of the painting palette and design the jeans as desired. Allow the paint application to dry well.
  • Finally, tie a pretty ribbon to the embroidery hoop. And already the practical utensilo can be hung up.

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