Design small boxes with Marabu DO IT Craft Marker

Simple white cardboard storage boxes are given a personal touch with the DO IT Craft markers: they can easily become creative helpers that make it easy to keep your home organized.

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Paper boxes in various sizes
Tips and Tricks

  • The Marabu DO IT Craft Marker is immediately ready for use. No pumping. Just remove the cap and get started!
  • The DO IT Craft Marker is ideal for wood, paper, stone, terracotta and more. Even simple tin cans can be decorated with the DO IT Craft Marker and turned into a pen holder or planter.

How it is done:

  • Use a pencil to transfer the pattern onto the box - shown here is a distorted checkerboard pattern with curved lines.
  • You can then gradually begin to color in every other area with the black Marabu DO IT Craft Marker. It is also helpful to trace all the outer edges with the DO IT Craft Marker first and then fill in the areas.
  • In addition to the lid, the outer side walls of the box can be painted in the same pattern as the lid.

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