Basket bags with Marabu Decormatt

They are a must-have in summer: basket bags. Either as a big beach bag or as a small accessory for hot summer days in the city. With a touch of individuality, the unique piece is ready for the summer season.

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basket bag
mixing vessel


  • Simply mix the combined Decormatt colours as in this model to create a harmonious colour transition. All colours can be mixed together. Mix the two colours separately in a container or mix different shades with white Decor Soft paint.

How it is done:

  • Basket bags with a weave that is not too coarse are best suited for painting. A fine basket weave is easier to paint. Firstly, tape the bag in the middle with a strip of adhesive tape.
  • Then paint an arc up to the adhesive tape with the Decormatt paint. When applying the paint, simply follow the pattern of the basket weave.
  • Then create the next arc with a different colour. Leave a little distance from the first arc to make the basket weave stand out.
  • Repeat the process as desired until you have finished decorating the bag. Then remove the tape and leave the paint you have applied to dry thoroughly.

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