Cushion with refresh factor and Marabu Fashion Spray

The cushions get this great colour effect with the help of Fashion Spray and the so-called Ice Cube technique – colouring with ice cubes. It’s so easy to do and the result is so good it melts!

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Tips and Tricks

  • You can also achieve impressive effects with the twist technique: spray the fabric with a light fashion spray colour and let it dry. Then grasp the fabric in the middle and twist it to create a spiral. Take a wooden spoon, for example, and twist the fabric until a kind of "pretzel" is formed. Spray a different, darker shade over it to add more colourful accents. Leave the twisted, sprayed fabric for an hour. Then unfold and let dry, done! For wash resistance up to 40°C, fix the colour.

How it is done:

  • Wash the pillowcases in advance, let them dry and iron them smooth. They must be free of fabric softener and detergent.
  • Have all working materials ready and cover the working area if necessary. It is best to work with a commercially available drip grid. Place the drip grid over a suitable container so that the condensation from the ice cubes can drain off or be collected.
  • Place the pillow cases on the draining grid and place the ice cubes all over. The pillow cases should be liberally covered with ice.
  • Shake the Marabu Fashion Spray well before use and spray 2-3 times on a paper. Now spray the cushions generously with the Fashion Spray. The individual colours can be sprayed on slightly overlapping. This will give a soft colour gradient of the individual shades later on.
  • Now simply wait until the ice cubes have melted. In the meantime, wipe off the fashion spray heads after use.
  • After melting the ice cubes, hang the cushion covers to dry and clean the working materials. Finally, fix the colour: in a preheated oven (8 min./150 °C) or iron through a cloth at cotton temperature (3 min./30 x 30 cm). Now the colour is washable at 40 °C. Always wash and iron painted textiles inside out.

Macramé cracelet with Marabu Fashion Spray gradient

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