Practical laundry bag with Marabu Textil Design

This descriptive laundry bag makes sure that no piece of clothing gets into the wrong wash load anymore. The desired temperature is simply sprayed on using the Textil Design Spray and a template – this way, several of the stylish laundry bags can be created very quickly with different temperatures for sorting the laundry.

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Marabu products you need...

…additionaly things you need

Laundry bag
Masking tape
Template made of cardboard
Brown paper


  • The decorative spray Marabu TEXTIL DESIGN is ideally suited to all types of textiles, but it is not suitable for everyday clothing.

How it is done:

  • First, ensure that the area where you spray is adequately covered so that it doesn’t get marked by the paint. It is advisable to spray outdoors or in extremely well ventilated spaces.
  • Transfer the desired temperature onto the laundry bag. For this, lightly draw the digits of the numbers onto the laundry bag with a pencil first. Then use masking tape and brown paper to mask the individual digits of the number as well as all areas that are not to get into contact with the paint.
  • Place sufficient paper between the fabric layers of the laundry bag, so that no paint seeps through. Remove the spray nozzles from the cans and take out the red safety valve. Put the nozzles and caps back in place and shake the cans for 2–3 minutes. Spray the paint onto some newspaper to ensure that the paint hasn’t solidified in the nozzles.
  • Spray the paint onto the laundry bag with single spray shots. Leave it to dry. Once the paint is dry, carefully remove the masking tape and brown paper again.
  • Then, the geometric pattern is sprayed onto the laundry bag. It is easiest if you prepare a cardboard template for this. Instead of the crosses, you can also use circles, triangles, diamonds etc.
  • Place the template freely on the laundry bag and cover everything that is not to be sprayed with paint. Next spray on any number of geometrical elements.
  • Finally, let the sprayed on paint dry thoroughly - your geometrical laundry bag is ready!

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