Loving photo gifts with Marabu Photo Transfer

A good alternative to flowers or chocolates for Valentine’s Day, anniversary, wedding anniversary, etc. are personal photo gifts and heartfelt messages. This can be done very easily with the Marabu Photo Transfer Medium. With a simple laser print of the most beautiful moments, romantic surprises can be designed for the favorite person.

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wooden sign
laser printout
Tips and Tricks

  • For a used look, tear the images and do not cut them out. Thus, the edges become blurred and after transferring the photo gets a charming used look.

How it is done:

  • Cover the work area well with foil or paper and have all working materials ready. Clean the wooden signs and prime them with white acrylic paint first. Allow to dry well.
  • Print the favorite photo and / or message with a laser printer. Please remember: the printout will be transferred to the substrate in reverse. Therefore, fonts must be printed mirror-inverted. Photos can be printed mirror-inverted as needed.
  • Now place the laser printout on the dried wooden sign and roughly sketch the outlines in pencil. Now generously coat the marked area with Marabu Photo Transfer Medium. Then coat the laser print with Marabu Photo Transfer Medium. Do not omit any areas.
  • Place the printed and coated side of the laser print on the coated surface of the wooden sign. Smooth out with a squeegee. Remove excess medium immediately. Caution: do not brush excess medium over the paper. Brush away from the paper and remove over the wooden sign. Allow everything to dry for a good 2 hours or blow dry for 8 minutes.
  • After drying, moisten the paper printout with a wet sponge and soak it well. Carefully rub the soaked paper off the wooden board with your finger or with the sponge. The paper layer will come off and the laser printer pigments will remain on the wooden board. Repeat the process until all paper layers are removed.
  • Finally, paint over the wooden sign and the transferred laser print with Marabu aqua matt varnish to remove the last paper fiber residues and protect the image. Let everything dry well and give it away!

DIY tutorial: transfer photo to wood with Marabu Photo Transfer

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