Magical dream catcher

The stylish feathers in superb effect paints ensure sweet dreams. Experience the magic of Marabu Home & Decoration BERLIN FLIP FLOP paint. The multi-shade paint reflects the light in changing colour shades depending on the perspective. It’s magic! In combination with COLORADO Gold metallic paint and velvety-soft DECOR SOFT, a superb DIY highlight for your apartment can be created using the wooden feathers.

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How it is done:

  • Paint the feathers on both sides using DECOR SOFT and leave to dry.
  • Trace the contours with COLORADO GOLD and BERLIN FLIP FLOP and allow to dry. The reflections and changing effect of BERLIN FLIP FLOP come into their own on dark backgrounds.
  • Cut the string. Tie loose knots at the places required. Thread the feathers through these and tie securely.

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