Mandala flower vase with Marabu Dot Pen

Whether tulips, sunflowers or autumn asters – each bouquet brings out this wonderful mandala in a new way. Mandalas originate from India and the term means something like “circle”. A mandala captivates with its recurring patterns and shapes. With our Marabu Dot Pen the dots and circles arise as if by themselves.

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Tips and Tricks

  • Place the Dot directly on the substrate from above. Do not hold the pen sideways like a pencil and apply the color from the side.
  • Do not skimp on color. Dots need some mass to form or to work.
  • Set point by point, detach pen from substrate and set at next point, slowly/carefully set each point.
  • Allow enough space for the individual dots in the mandala motif.

How it is done:

  • Clean and dry the vase before painting. It should be clean and dry so that the paint can adhere in the best way. Cover the work area and prepare the materials.
  • Optionally, pre-draw the motif with a pencil. Test the Marabu Dot Pen on a separate paper first. Then place the dots directly on the vase. It is best to place the pen directly from above on the corresponding spot, then the color flow can be controlled better. Carefully place dot by dot one after the other. Detach the pen from the vase after each point and place it again at the next point.
  • Color the motif as you like.
  • After a drying time of about 72 hours, the dots can be wiped off with a damp cloth if necessary and the vase can be decorated.

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